Time 2 Change



Spring 2019 Registration is Now Closed!


What is Time 2 Change?

This program will focus on individuals looking to make a lifestyle change to improve their health and wellbeing. We hope to create an environment in which you are able to succeed at setting and reaching  both physical and other health related goals. We will provide various materials and partners on campus to help guide you on your fitness journey. Please review some updates we have made to the registration process and program itself.

What’s different this year!

We are moving our program to mostly online! The hope is to engage with more students along with opening up the program to Faculty & Staff. We will also be utilizing Canvas to track goals and progress made during this 13 week program. Although the program will only run for 13 weeks, our hopes is you will continue your progress after ending the program.  You are expected to invest only as much time and effort as you want into the program. Keep in mind you will get more out of this program the more you invest into it. There is now a registration fee to participate. The program will be $15 for students and $25 for Faculty & Staff.

What is included in this program:

  • 6 Sessions with a Personal Trainer (1 pre-assessment, 4 workout sessions, 1 post-assessment)
  • 4 Group Fitness Workouts - class formats vary
  • Educational Resources - online modules through Canvas
  • Nutrition Counseling - individual appointments *Students Only*
  • Counseling Center Support - individual appointments *Students Only*
  • Goal Setting and Progress tracking - recorded through Canvas

Who is Eligible?

This program is available to all Student, Faculty & Staff, currently affiliated with the University, who are willing to invest time and energy into themselves. We ask that you commit to putting in time and effort for 13 weeks to build the foundation for a lifestyle change that will last far longer than the duration of this program. The program will cap at 25 registered participants to ensure quality of the program.

*Faculty & Staff participants will not have access to nutrition counseling or counseling center sessions through the school nutritionist and CAPS counselors. Access to UREC facilities will last through the duration of the program. After completion of the program, Faculty & Staff participants must purchase a memberhsip if they wish to maintain access to the facilities. 

Fall 2019 Regisrtaion will open up in August 2019.