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Personal Training


Virtual training will allow patrons to meet online with a personal trainer to set and work toward their fitness goals. The steps to sign up are similar to that of our in-person training.

Virtual training includes: an initial fitness assessment (virtual), workout sessions conducted via google meet or zoom, individualized workout plans specific to patron training goals, and weekly check-ins with their trainer!

About PT

Our accredited personal trainers are ready to lead you on the path to fitness! With an exercise plan tailored specifically to your needs, you are sure to meet your exercise goals. We offer a variety of packages to accommodate your needs, as well as your budget.


You must have one of the following to hire a Personal Trainer:

  1. Be a current UNC Charlotte student (enrolled in a minimum of 3 credits per semester)
  2. Faculty/Staff with a Membership
  3. A guest pass for each visit (Must be sponsored by a member unless Faculty/Staff and Alumni). 

Steps To Sign Up

Step 1: Complete the Personal Training form.

Step 2: Complete the Personal Training Registration Packet through DSE, sent to you once you complete the interest form.

Step 3: Client will be assigned to a Personal Trainer.

Step 4: Client will be emailed instructions on how to pay for session via TouchNet or in-person.

Step 5: Client and Trainer will set up time to meet for initial assessment.

Packages & Pricing