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Join IMs

To create an IMLeagues account:

  1. Visit
  2. Create your account.  Use your University email account to register (
  3. An activation email will be sent to your University email account. Click the link in the email to login and activate your IMLeagues account.
  4. You should be automatically joined to your school. If not, search schools by clicking the “Schools” link and selecting or searching for "UNC Charlotte."

To sign up for a sport: 

  1. Log in to your account. 
  2. Click the Create/Join Team button at the top right of your User Homepage OR Click on the “UNC Charlotte” link to go to our homepage on IMLeagues. 
  3. The current sports will be displayed - click on the sport you wish to join. 
  4. Choose the league you wish to play in (Co-Rec, Women's, Men's, etc.) 
  5. Choose the division you’d like to play in (Monday 5:00 PM, Tuesday 5:00 PM, etc.)

For more information, please contact our Assistant Director for Intramurals or our Coordinator for Intramurals!